About Us

With the Fellow Program, Girvak supports young people and promotes the culture of entrepreneurship in different segments of the society through various projects with the private sector and other partners. Entrepreneurship is a phenomenon that grows by feeding from society but becomes widespread when it returns to society at the same rate. For this reason, the growth of ecosystems, the important factor for young people to see entrepreneurship as a career option. With the inspiring power of giving back, Girvak promotes the culture of giving back with its activities aimed at different audiences.

As the unifying power of the ecosystem, Girvak underscores the spirit of entrepreneurship in every part of society through young people, while at the same time it underlines the importance of producing the right information in this area for all institutions in the ecosystem. He also takes responsibility for the production of the right information with these beliefs and needs. As Girvak, we believe that young people are the key to change and we need a new, more entrepreneurial and hopeful perspective to make the world a better place. More importantly, we believe in the freedom created by the diversity of every young person and the courage to begin an engagement.